Y-Space Newsletter 2021 #3

"Matches" Director's Edition concluded successfully 


Under pandemic, Y-Space's 25th Anniversary 's Brand New Dance Theatre 'Matches" theatre performance went through suspension from April 2020, then change of delivery media due to closure of venue. The full 150 mins recording of performance was released online on 12 Dec 2020. Shortly afterwards, Y-Space produced an 90 mins Director's Edition, retaining the excellent performance of dancers and highlighting the concept behind. Y-Space sincerely thanks for all kind support throughout the year. We look forward to meet again in the next production!
In the meantime, you may recall the feelings from "Matches" through the following comments.


Press Collections




Critics on Premiere Performance from ADC


William W.Y. Chan

- 選曲有意思,現場音樂效果不錯!

- 結尾一場自說自話有趣且有力!

- 演出開首跟結尾以文本誦讀有意思,有強烈指涉卻不失味道!

TSANG Kam-sing

- 演出中能看到多位藝術家的發揮,感受到他們內涵的成就。

- 在演出中能看到編舞對香港的情景感覺,以不同手法藝術呈現不同段落。

- 編舞能適當運用到燈光、視覺,以及舞台設計,將舞台的多樣化呈現。-

- 在節目中印象較深刻其中一場,演出中將所有波鞋散落到舞台每一角落,形成藝術提升舞蹈的高潮,發揮情感的體驗。


Audience Feedback on Director's Edition


Ogawa Kimiyo (International Bandoneon Player)

I was really impressed with this work ...

Release from oppression. freedom.

My heart trembled by their power, the quality of the works.

I think it's really amazing to create and perform this piece in Hong Kong, not just corona, but politically suppressed.

I thought it was art that people express their thoughts in their hearts.

Carmen Lo

(Artistic Director of Cinematic Theatre)



Dr. Yim (Listed Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

舞者的純熟優美動作,團隊堅毅、友愛合作精神都值得讚賞 !音樂和場景的配合亦恰到好處水乳交融,簡單而明晰 !

Ellen Gerdes

This was so inventive and moving. I love the use of props and space! I think you all are brave to make Matches.  And it is very clever.


Review on OMTT 2020-21 1st Semester


The 2nd cohort of OMTT has finished its first semester. The mid- term camp originally scheduled from 29 to 31 Jan 2021 was cancelled due to pandemic. The workshops were held in Y-Space studio, Nam Chung PEACE and Theatre-Y. Y-Space is honored to invite guest lecturer Ng Sze Wan to lead improvisation workshop, and Cheung Chi Wai to lead photography workshop. Students were able to utilize their knowledge in first semester during the intensive training. Another important part of training is training  in nature. With the support of PEACE, students make use of the natural resources in Nam Chung to create their unique production. The final part would be a 30 mins improvisation showcase in Theatre-Y with the accompaniment of Nelson Hiu and Wilson Tsang, concluding the first semester programme.


Anyone can dance!


Dancing All Around at Yuen Long


Y-Space is launching a community art programme in Yuen Long in 2021-22 to bring arts into the district!

"Dnacing All Around" is a well received series by going beyond audiences' imagination. From indoor to outdoor, Mid-levels to farmland, theatre to plaza, the dancers have covered a wide range of areas over the past decade. The 2021 Yuen Long programme will include workshopd, artists panels, site specific performances, environmental installation exhibition and online showcase etc. The opening event is scheduled in mid July, stay tuned for more information!




Anything can be dance!


Dance “IN” Possible !? I, II, III returning to theatre this summer

Are you missing Y-Space's "Transdance" performance from Dance “IN” Possible series in 2019? In the coming June, you will have the chance to trance the beginning of the series! Dance “In” Possible I, II and III is reviving in theatre after 20 years since their premiere!

With minimal crew and resources, the work pushed the limits of the theatre space, and so stretched the limits of creativity, to find what is “in” the possible from the impossible. Dance “In” Possible!? I explored the organic combination of theatre and dance; Dance “In” Possible!? II - Dark Corner goes beyond the visual presentation in dance performance; Dance “IN” Possible III – This is a Dance Performance!? requires imagination from audiences to complete the work.

Let's flashback on Dance “IN” Possible series for now!


OMTT 2020-21 Graduation Showcase - Voyage (Tentative title)

OMTT students have gone through 1 year of hard work, and so have Y-Space adjusted programme in view of pandemic. We were all going on an unstable journey with lots of variables, though we experienced change of course from time to time, we are all on the same ship towards to same destination. Our students shall transform their learning over the past year in the showcase. We look forward to meeting you in the showcase and exhibition from 21 to 30 July, 2021! More information will be out soon.


Y-Space's Regular Course

The following is the regular courses provided in next season:
太極導引: 13, 20, 27 Apr, 2021 (Tue) 19:00-20:30
Guest instructor: Dever Chan

Intermediate Contemporary Dance: Every Thur 19:00-20:30
Intermediate Ballet: Every Thur 20:30-22:00
Instructor: Mandy Yim & other guest instructor

Students may choose their own combination of courses, and Y-Space members are subject to discount, please contact Y-Space for details. 
Location: Kwai Chung district
Enquiry:2470 0511/9173 6252 (Whatsapp)/[email protected]

Y-Space Membership


Y-Space has always encourage citizens' participation in arts to promote art development. With the membership scheme, we look forward to gather art lovers and promote exchange within. Y-Space members may enjoy the following benefits.

-  Purchasing Y-space programme tickets, products and course with 10% discount;

- Priority enrollment in Y-space activities (e.g. performances, workshops, artists sharing, open rehearsal, backstage tour etc.) ;

- Y-Space annual member gathering;

- Share membership with close art organizations;

- Receiving newsletter and activities notification from Y-Space;

- More benefits is on the way...

Annual membership: HK$100(Valid till 31 Dec, 2021)

Enquiry:2470 0511/[email protected]


Hong Kong Dance Company – Grand Original Dance Poem “Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature”

A Waltz of Nature's Timeless Charm

Shanshui (landscape) paintings are an important vehicle for art and philosophy in traditional Chinese culture. Through depicting the external environment, artists give expression to the internal human world, revealing the relationship between man and nature.

In this work, Hong Kong Dance Company draws on the image of nature under the brush, painting an inner world beyond the confines of time or space through dance. The dancers' bodies become the brush's dots, dashes and vigorous strokes; they are the artist's eye for rhyme, rhythm and internal beauty.

Sense the power of nature through the body, take in worldly beauty and meditate on the origins of life. Pass through mountains and over waters, and with a full heart, let the limits of the self and the physical world dissolve.

21 — 22.5.2021 (Fri — Sat) 7:45pm

22 — 23.5.2021 (Sat —Sun) 3:00pm

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

$480 $380 $280 $180 $80 (Evenings)

$440 $340 $240 $140 $80 (Matinees)

Tickets available now at URBTIX

Book your tickets: https://bit.ly/3vgzLZU

Programme Enquiries: 3103 1842

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