Victor Choi -wo MA

Victor Choi -wo MA is the founder and artistic director of Y-Space. He graduated from School of Dance and School of Drama of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1988 and 1993 respectively. He was the Hong Kong Bal let and City Contemporary Dance Company dancer. In 1996, he received the Asian Cultural Council Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship to conduct research on dance and theatre in the USA(1997-98). As a choreographer, he created over 60 works. He has taught, directed and choreographed for many local and international companies from Taiwan, China, South Korea, India, the USA, Australia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Zimbabwe and Singapore etc. Important works includes: None of Your Business, Not a Double Room, Unconscious I , I I & I I I, Victor Ma’s Dance Exhibition I & I I, RE/evolution, Suddenly, On & On & Turn Turn Turn, Room X and Door. He has received the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 on Artist of the Year (Dance). He has been the Artistic Director and Curator of i -Dance Festival (HK) since 2009. He is also the chief course designer and tutor of “Organic Movement Transformation Training” which is a one-year dance and performing arts certificate programme since 2019.