Ticket reservation for Dance “IN” Possible V: 101

「多空間」製作:《「舞」可能伍 : 一O一》

A new production of Y-Space in 2016: Dance “In” Possible V: 101

In the series Dance “In” Possible!?, Victor Ma and Mandy Yim creates dance pieces in exploration and reflection in dance according to different times. The series has four previous productions, including Dance “In” Possible!? I (1999), Dance “In” Possible!? II: Dark Corner (2000), Dance “In” Possible!? III: This is a Dance Performance!? (2000), Dance “In” Possible!? IV: Victor Ma’s Dance Exhibition I (2009), and Dance “In” Possible!? IV: Victor Ma’s Dance Exhibition II (2009).
Dance “IN” Possible!? Series in details: http://www.y-space.org/portfolio_page/dance-in-possible-i-ii-iii-iv/?lang=en

Dance “IN” Possible V: 101
Life reflection after the 50’s: Dance artists Victor Choi-wo Ma and Mandy Ming-yin Yim continues exploring the possibilities in dance and theatre.

Victor and Mandy are both over 50 years old (their ages add up to 101 years old). To this end, they hope to make retrospection for reviewing their dance career, and invited persons who have left a mark on their trails or affected them to participate in the creative process. The participants include artists and friends from various media, together with Victor and Mandy, they will jointly in direct or indirect ways to create the production and search for ‘every possibility’ of ‘dance’!

Guest interviewees including…
Helen Lai, Mui Cheuk Yin, Cheung Kai Mui, Sylvia Wu, Dick Wong, Jacky Yu, Billy Chan, Wen Hui, Daniel Yeung, Koala Yip, Ocean Chan, Nelson Hiu, Edmund Leung, Him Law, Wilson Tsang, Sze Ka Yan, Yankwai Wong, Suzy Cheung, Adrian Yeung, Steve Cheung, Fung Kwok Kee Gabriel, Carmen Cheng, Joanna Lee, Yuenjie Maru, Lok Fung, Rensen Chan, Bo Bo Fung Wai Hang, Yan Patto, Cheung Chi Wai, Timothy Leung, Hon Sze Sze, Yuka , Yim Chun Tak, Cheung Kit Fong, Franky Ng & Zinnia Wong etc…

Conceive, Choreography, Perform & Set Designer: Victor Choi-wo Ma
Producer, Choreography & Perform: Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Composer & Musician: Edmund Leung
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Kwok-kee Fung
Video Designer: Adrian Yeung
Sound Deisnger: Him Law
Costume & Set Designer: Carmen Cheng
Assistant Costume Designer: Ping Wong
Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager: Allen Kong-ting Chau
Assistant Stage Manager: Dora Suet-man Lai

Public Performance
23/4/2016 8pm
24/4/2016 5pm
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
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The programme contains nudity.

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