Y-Space was founded in 1995 by Victor Choi-wo Ma and Mandy Ming-yin Yim in Hong Kong, with the mission of exploring the infinite possibilities of dance, and searching for new dance idioms and new artistic directions.


Y-Space has been invited by international arts festivals and arts organizations to perform and conduct artistic exchange. To date, its Improvisation Land series has reached its 42nd series, while its Dancing All Around series has gone beyond the 10th mark. Since 2009, Y-Space has been hosting the i-Dance HK festival. Now in its 18th year, Y-Space has become an important arts group on the Hong Kong contemporary dance through creating new work, promoting dance and providing training, education and research work through activities conducted at community level and at the Y-Space Dance Studio.

Long-Term Development, Goals and Directions of Y-Space

    For the pass 20 years, We completed 1300 performances & workshops

    Included 357 performances & 1,013 workshops

    Since 1997, performances and creative footprints all over the world.