i-Dance Festival (HK) 2017

Date: 2017. 9.16-24、10.21-29
Main Programmes: Artist Face 2 Face, Open Improvisation, Exploring Dance and Movement Workshops, Dance, Multi-media & Improvisation Research Week, Improvisation Land 68, Old Dance New Dance, Recall of Classics, i-Dance Festival (HK) 2017 Conference, Dance Practitioners’ Book Club, Open Jam, Kirstie Simson Showcase: AIRE Solo for my Mother and Improvisation Land 69, i-Dance (HK) 2017 Closing Activity: Dance Under the Sky 2017 (Improvisation Land 70) …

i-Dance Festival (HK) 2017 Website

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i-Dance Festival (HK) 2016

Date: 2016. 10.23 – 12.4
Main Programmes: Dancing All Around: Retracing Hong Kong’s Vanished Coastline – Hong Kong West Side Story, Exploring Dance and Movement Workshops, Red – A Documentary Performance, Improvisation Land 63-66, i-Dance (HK) 2016: Opening Gala, Dance, Multi-media & Improvisation Research Week, A Touch of Contemporary Thai-Dance, A Taste of Gay Romance, Traditional VS Contemporary Dance, i-Dance (HK) Conference & Open Platform, Helen LAI in the Post-90’s, i-Dance (HK) 2016 Closing Activity: Dance Under the Sky 2016 …

i-Dance Festival (HK) 2016 Website

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i-Dance Festival (HK) 2015

Date: 2015. 11.7-22
Main Programmes: Dancing All Around: Discovering Wan Chai Stories, Exploring Dance and Movement Workshops, i-Dance Round Table Discussion, Dance Video Marathon, Dancing All Around: Kam Tin As…, Improvisation Land 60, Dance, Multi-media & Improvisation Research Week, PK Dance, From Wan Chai to Kam Tin, New Dance Platform 2015, i-Dance (HK) 2015 Closing Event: Dance Under the Sky…

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i-Dance Festival (HK) 2014

Date: 2014. 11.22 – 12.21
Main Programmes: PechaKucha Dance + Artists Face-to-Face, Dancing All Around: Dancing IN Dancing OUT Dancing All Around Hollywood, i-Dance Festival Opening Ceremony and Performance, Dance Video Marathon, Improvisation Land 50-56, i-Dance Conference, New Dance Platform, i-Dance (HK) 2014 Closing Activity: Dance Under the Sky…

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i-Dance Festival (HK) 2013

Date: 2013. 11.25 – 12.15
Main Programmes: i-Dance Workshop, Dance and Multi Media Improvisation Research Week, Improvisation Land 43-46, i-Dance Opening Performance, Contact and the Underscore Workshop…

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i-Dance Festival (HK) 2012

Date: 2012. 9.14, 11.21-23, 12.21-23
Main Programmes: September Dance Improvisation Week, Improvisation Land 34-38, December New Dance Marathon, i-Dance 2012 Closing Event…

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i-Dance Festival (HK) 2011

Date: 2011. 11.11 – 12.11
Main Programmes: Opening Ceremony, Dancing All Around: Dancing UP Dancing DOWN Dance Around Yuen Long Theatre II, Workshops: Exploring Dance and Movement, Dance Video Screening, Solo & Improv: Dance or What!?, Improvisation Land 29-31, Round-Table Discussion, New Dance @ i-Dance, Improvisation Land XXXII: Dance Under the Sky…

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i-Dance Festival (HK) 2009

Date: 2009. 11.23 – 12.6
Main Programmes: Solos, Improvisation Land, Environmental Dance, CINEDANS – Dance-Video Screening…

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