The hustle and bustle of Y-Space in October

In October, Artistic Director Victor and Education and Outreach Director Mandy had a busy schedule. Victor joined the production The World According to Dance and participated in the 11th International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) Conference, and led a workshop in a very special venue. Meanwhile, Mandy travelled to Kagoshima for i-Dance Japan 2015. The efforts and commitment of both have received positive and inspiring feedback among the participants.

11th IEATA conference: The Flowing Tao of Expressive Arts
The international conference was held on 6-10 October. On 7 October, Victor has led a workshop in the Walled village in the Chung Ling Tang Ancestral Hall in Lung Yeuk Tau. Y-Space has been presenting site-specific performance in various districts for years, as to challenge the imagination of audience. From the feedback of the participants of the workshop, who all came from different cultural background, they were amazed and surprised by how arts could bring them the new experience in Hong Kong from the historical buildings in the New Territories.

Let’s read the responses from participants:

  • “Victor was one of the best experiential trainers. His authenticity and use of the sacred space of the walled city was impressive.”
  • “The walled village was very special.”
  • “I really enjoyed the combination of working with a local dancer/teacher and visiting a historical site, it added depth to the experience. Also, learning about Victor Ma’s work was a wonderful experience. Thank you for providing this option. He is an excellent teacher!”
  • “well done, and very cool to dance in such a historic building!”

The World According to Dance
The programmes was presented and produced by ZUNI ICOSAHEDRON under the Architecture is Art Festival. Directed by Dick Wong with text by Pamela Tsui, Victor and three other local dance artists including Justyne Li, Ivy Tsui and Simpson Yau joined the creation and performance. The World According To Dance tried to look at the city, the world through dance, and look at dance through one’s being, and look at the being through one’s body. Positive and encouraging feedback has been received from professional arts critics and audiences.

i-Dance Japan 2015
The festival was held in Kagoshima on 4-12 October this year. Mandy flew over to participate the festival as a guest artist, workshop tutor and participant. In the workshop session, participants were led to connect their feelings, daily activities and so as connections with others through breathing. Skills in contact improvisation was then developed in further breathing exercises. Participants reviewed that the session has brought new visions about the existence sense and life to them through the breathing exercises. They are already looking forward to the next gathering with Mandy!

What was more on Mandy’s schedule was the improvisation performance in Isa city Cultural Hall with other International and Japanese artists. She also had the chance to meet Grace Wang from Taiwan, who passionately joined the two i-Dance festivals in Japan and Taipei, and then followed to i-Dance(HK)2015! Mandy revealed that the experience of this exchange trip has been unforgettable and fruitful.

Feedback from participants in Mandy’s workshop:

  • Akiko Takaki : “It was very fun to be able to join in contact improvisation camp with you. I like an existence sense of you who always seems to be here by yourself. A way of thinking to my dance have more powerful center. I am looking forward to the opportunity to see your dance and to dance with you.”
  • Kanami Itakura: “It was nice to meet you in i-Dance Japan 2015! Although the time I stayed in Kagoshima was short, but I was very happy to have joined your workshop. I can feel the influence in life from the breathing exercises you taught us. It makes us very happy! Thank you Mandy.”

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