Paul YIP


Paul YIP is a Music Consultant, DJ, Soundscape Artist and Experimental Musician.

Relocated from Montreal, YIP collaborates with artists from various disciplines in projects such as dance/theatre music, sound installation, soundtrack for films, DJing, custom made back ground music, game music and sound effects, and organizing music events and workshops. Obsessed in exploring new music and sounds, he had been staying in Montreal for couple years. In 2009, he founded [Feel Music Experimental Lab] which is a mission to promote and spread sound art, experimental and improvised music to wide open Hong Kong’s music scene, build up unique music style and find new music directions and ideas. He’s also the founder and director of Playground Love Studio, providing sound and lighting and video production services to extend the possibilities of Multi-Media Art . He organized the HK vs UK Noise Festival with Artists from London & Australia, Japan/Korea duo (((10))) 2011 tour, Torturing Nurse from Shanghai, Nordic musician ORKA, [FMEL] Open Jam and Fogotten Dreams event series. He is also the founder/director of Playground Love Studio which aims at being a creative multimedia solution for corporate business and lifestyle brands.