Born in China. A full scholarship student and graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (majoring in contemporary dance and choreography). He has worked with a many of renowned artists from around the world, included Dam Van Huynh (London), John Utas(Australia), Laura Aris (Spain), Liu Lingli (China), Isamel Ivo (Brazil), Wenzhgong Li (Taiwan), Liang Xin (Hong Kong), etc. 2011,with Dam Van Huynh dance company to join ” Art&Faith” M1Singapore Fringe Festival. 2012, Representative of the school to show in International Festival of Dance Academies” 2013 he was awarded full scholarship to join ” Impuls Tanz Dacne Festival –Biblioteca do Corpo” and performed in Vienna and Sao Paulo. Now he is an independent artist, He is passionate about choreography and performance, recently creation is 2013 Tringer, 2014 Tringer2.0Shelf LifeThorny Road, Dream death, 2015 PardonHis work was invited to join ” Wiz World Dance Festival” in Seoul, “Macau Modern Dance festival”, “RAM Dance Festival ” in HongKong, Taipei, and Japan, “43th Hong Kong Arts Festival “.

He also collaborates with different dance company: Hong Kong Dance Company –Red Hoppies, Journey to the West, Shambhala, I dance, Therefore I am, City Contemporary Dance Company – Momentum, Hong Kong Dance Theatre Company –Pupil rules,  Unlock dancing Plaza – Mooring.