From Wan Chai to Kam Tin

i-Dance(HK) 2015, Programme

This is the breakthrough for Y-Space to upgrade and transform Dancing All Around, the site-specific dance, to a theatre performance – “Dance Exhibition”, to   further expands imagination of the performers and audience. It is based on Discovering Wai Chai Stories and Kam Tin As… as the backbone . As the environment is removed from site-specific dance, there are only memories and records to be left in the dance. Like Wan Chai where the habour once stood and Kam Tin abounded with crops, both became histories and memories which can only be reconstructed in our minds. No seat will be provided. Audience can walk freely in the theatre and choose what they like to watch.

Date | 18.11.2015 (Wed)
Time | 2000
Ticket Price | HK$160 *HK$80 (Free seating)

Participating Artists | Ka Wing BLUE, Gabbie CHAN, Christine HE, Edmund LENUG, Chi Chiu LIN, Daniel Navarro LORENZO, Alice MA , Victor MA, Wei MAO, Wing HoNG, Ming PAK, Iris SUN, Wing-fai TSANG, Jing Xian YANG, KT YAU, Tuk Yin YU, Fiona ZHOU

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