greenmay | is the founder of the Body Lab for Priori Tropism, life Model, and a hand percussionist who based in Hong Kong. He specializes in post-contemporary dance theatre choreography, performing arts and improvisation. Attempts to research on live-structuralised improvisation and dispositive of the multiplex proprioception. Looking for a conscious embodiment and go beyond from the contemporary dance theories. Core belief in his dance is to,’ Drive out from the fixed sense of timing, situated ideology and socialized body shape. We may not change our past, but we can change our relationship with it.’ greenmay has created over 10 performances since 2009. Among them Rustling of Discourse (2012), Habitat Here… and There (2014) and The Great Wall of Memories (2015- ). In 2016 Oct-Jan, he will be touring for Thierry Smits’ Compagine Thor in Europe.