Solo & Improv: HK x KR Dance Junctions

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Solo & Improv: HK x KR Dance Junctions
Jockey Club Black Box Theatre, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

Dance, Multi-media & Improvisation Research Week
20 & 22 / 9  2-6pm
21 / 9 9am-1pm, 2-6pm

Dance starts within body. Art originates from exploration.
We questions, experiment, discuss, analyses, attempt and record.
We invite you all to witness the research-in-progress…!

Days of movement research during which international artists explore the relationship between movements, own senses, and other individuals. Participants from different art forms inspire and provide new perspectives to one another. The Research Week will be documented by text and videos and will be archived as research materials.

Professionals can join the Research Week as either a participant or an observer. We welcome theatre, dance and other forms of performing arts practitioners. However with only limited quotas, we will allocate according to your intentions and the total number of applications.
Administration Fee: $400

Participating Artists

Ara CHO (KR), Ming-yan HO (HK), Geunyoung KIM (KR), Victor Choi-wo MA (HK), YANG Hao (HK), KT YAU (HK)

Live Musician
Makin Bing-fai FUNG (HK), Edmund LEUNG (HK)

Multi-media Artist
Makin Bing-fai FUNG (HK)

Stage Manager & Lighting Designer
Coco Po-yee CHUNG (HK)

Lorraine Lok-yan LEE

Research workshop instructors
Ara CHO, Makin Bing-fai FUNG, Geunyoung KIM, Edmund LEUNG, Victor Choi-wo MA, Yang Hao, Mandy Ming-yin YIM

HK x KR Dance Junctions: Improvisation Land 62
23 / 9 / 2016 8pm^
$160, *$80 (For Ticketing & Discounts, please refer to info below)

All in a flash, improvisation sparks…!

Since 1998, Y-Space created a platform named as “Improvisation Land” for artists of different media to meet and have an improvisational jamming from time to time. In gathering artists around the world, and across the areas of dance, installation art, music, lighting design and visual art, artists would interact spontaneously, beyond the usual practice of choreographed performance. Being unpredictable could be risky, but could also be a surprise.

^ with Post-Performance talk

HK x KR Dance Junctions: Solo Dance
24 / 9 / 2016 8pm^, 25 / 9 / 2016 3pm
^ with Post-Performance talk
$160, *$80 (For Ticketing & Discounts, please refer to info below)

Three unique contemporary solo dances from Korea & Hong Kong, bring it on!

Choreographer & Performer: YANG Hao
Choreographer: Alice Rensy

Middle made its Premier at New Haven International Festival Arts & Ideas June 2016. In this work many references to Chinese culture of movements mingle with personal elements. Kung-Fu, Square Dance and contemporary life style has been transformed to the theatre scene as a post card to be presented in a poetic way.

Water Sound
Choreographer & Performer: Geunyoung KIM

I breathe.
I breathe from the deep inside of the body.
Silently feeling alive.
The sound of breath which soaks and flows.
The sound of every collision.
I sometimes slowly and quickly breathe and
that is how I make my own path.

Remain Invisible
Choreographer & Performer: KT YAU

Eyes are watching, and she withdraws into her shell.

The Root of Dance (Geunyoung KIM Open workshop)

Based on Korean tranditional dance, expanding your own body using line, space, pirsperation, and stream of the energy.

19/9 (M) 7-10pm
Venue: Y-Dance Lab
Fee: $300

Tickets available on 29 Aug 2016 onwards at URBTIX…!

Internet & Credit Card Ticketing: | 2111 5999
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Ticketing Enquiries:3761 6661 ( 10am – 8pm daily )
Programme Enquiries:2470 0511 (「多空間」 Y-Space )

Discount Scheme
Half-price tickets available at first-come-first-served basis for senior citizens aged 60 and above, people with disabilities and the minder, and full-time students.
10% off discount is offered to Y-Space member. (Please show Y-Space member card during purchase).

Group Booking Discount
10% for each purchase of 4-9 standard tickets; 15% off for 10-19 standard tickets; 20% off for 20 or more standard tickets.

Package Booking Discount
15% discount on full-price tickets for each purchase of the 2 different programmes.
Patrons can enjoy only one of the above discount offers. Please inform the box office staff at the time purchase.

This programme is supported by the Jockey Club Black Box Venue Subsidy Scheme.