[W1] [W5] [W9] Physical Floorwork and limòn background class (I) (II) (III)

Exploring Dance and Movement Workshop, i-Dance(HK) 2015, Reenact Your Position

Code | W1, W5, W9
Name | Physical Floorwork and limòn background class (I) (II) (III)
Tutor | Daniel Navarro Lorenzo
Date | 2015.11.09 [W1], 11 [W5], 13 [W9]
Time | 1000-1130
Language | English
Qualification | Nil
Min. age requirement | Nil

The class is a mixture of the techniques that Daniel practiced in Barcelona during the studies in the conservatoire and the different european dance companies that he has been working. Physical contemporary class based on floorwork and Limòn technique, starting with a improvisation warm up to explore our bodies on the space. During the class we will build physical and technical layers, focusing on fluidity and movement in space. It always encourages a state of playfulness.