[W2] Homeostasis

Exploring Dance and Movement Workshop, i-Dance(HK) 2015, Redefine Your Being

Code | W2
Name | Homeostasis
Tutor | Margriet van DUIJVENBODE, Marloes Van HOUTEN, Henk KRAAIJEVELD, David LEUNG
Date | 2015.11.09
Time | 1930-2230
Language | English
Qualification | Nil
Min. age requirement | Nil

Homeostasis the ability for internal conditions to remain stable and relatively constant, during external shifts and changes.

“What is the influence of your direct surroundings on your voice and / or movement? Are you able to stay attuned to your own “rhythm, beat, breath, way of being”.

Let’s narrow it down to the city where you live. Or where you travel to. Does the activity of a city comes and hit you? Or do you stay unmoved being in different surroundings? What effect does it have on the use of your instrument? What images and sound scapes of the city in decay invite you to deconstruct yourself and let go of unnecessary cover ups or luggage? Which sounds, rhythms and movements of the city speak to your longing to expand your essence and grow in authenticity?

In this workshop, singers and dancers from different cultural backgrounds (Hong Kong and The Netherlands) will perform together with this subject in mind. Let existing compositions be influenced by the city-setting, and creating new compositions out of improvisations”.