The Key to Happiness

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The makeshift stage is a familiar Hong Kong tradition: during festivals, Cantonese opera is performed alongside rituals and celebrations. These bamboo scaffoldings were transformed through this project into a site for the meeting of tradition and modern art. Through a series of site-specific theatre and dance performances, happenings, workshops, parades and games for the whole family, Y-Space brought together traditional and modern culture to share with the public.

The multimedia performance on the main stage, The Key to Happiness, was narrated by Ah Chan. He wanted to bring joy to the audience through the show. But interruptions kept coming: an alien (Ah Man) arrived from Planet Joy to learn about how humans live, and to bring the key to happiness back to his people; then a group of masked robbers burst into the scene … After so much had happened, Ah Chan shared his realization that one’s attitude towards other people, and towards all that may happen in one’s life, was the key to happiness.

The project was conducted on four makeshift stages across Hong Kong.


Production Team

Director, Choreographer & Scriptwriter: Victor Choi-wo Ma
Producer & Choreographer: Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Choreographer: Pewan Chow
Script Writer: Rensen Chan
Light Designer: Anna Lee (2009)
Video Artist: Adrian Yeung (2009)
Set & Costume Designer: Tsang Man Tung
Graphic Designer: Vivian Leung
Music Director: Ng King Pan
Musicians: Wu Chun Hei, Mo Chun Pang & Leung Yan Chiu
Actor (MC): Rensen Chan (2008) & Wong Jan Fai (2009)
Actors (Alien): Man Lee
Dancers: Cheung Hoi Yan (2008), Kaco Kam (2008), Fok Ka Wing, Yau Ka Kit, Rebecca Wong, Max Lee, Icey Lam, Chan Ka Ching (2009), Song Nan (2009) & Liu Heung Man (2009)

Date (Y/M/D) & Venue of Performance

The Makeshift Theatre Project I: Tradition vs Modernity
2007/08 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme
Football Field, Fung Shue Wo Road, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong

Cha Kwo Ling Road (Tin Hau Temple), Hong Kong

Wong Nai Chung Crescent Garden, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Sai Kung Po Tung Road (in front of Tin Hau Temple), Hong Kong

School Culture Day Scheme 2009
Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall, Hong Kong

Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Hong Kong