Air and Breath II – Phenomenon

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In its 13th year, Y-Space received its first invitation by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s Cultural Presentations Section to create a stage work. Air and Breath II was created on this occasion.

Martial arts like Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong connect breath to spirit and to life … Breath is the source of life, but also of diseases … Breathing releases energy, and so creates movement, rhythm and music; breathing drives us to create dance. Breathing is where everything begins!

Most of the movement material for Air and Breath II was sourced from the breath, rather than from music or text. The music by Nelson Hiu was a spontaneous encounter with the movement, added only after the choreography was completed. Just as the breath cycles through four stages: inhalation, suspension, exhalation, relaxation … so the work was structured in four parts, interspersed with stories from each performer, on how breath generated personal, emotional, even environmental meanings. The fifth section combined themes from the previous sections in an improvisation centred on breath.


Production Team

Director, Choreographer & Dancer: Victor Choi-wo Ma
Producer, Choreographer & Dancer: Mandy Ming -yin Yim
Dancers & Performers: Alex Cheung Yi-shen, Kuo Nai Yu (2008), Kim Dae Gun (2008), Justyne Li (2007), Andy Ng (2007) & Faye Leong Huey Yi (2007)
Video Designer: Woo Ling Ling (2008)
Musicians: Nelson Hiu, Ling Lee (2007), Takeda Kenichi (2007)
Set and Props Designer: Tsang Man Tung
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Fung Kwok Kee
Costume Designer: Cindy Ho Pui Shan & Mandy Ho Mei Sin

Date (Y/M/D) & Venue of Performance

Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Theatre, Hong Kong

Shatin Town Hall, Cultural Activities Hall, Hong Kong

Poland XV Annual International Contemporary Dance
Conference and Performance Festival 2008
Silesian Dance Theatre, BytomCultural Centre, Bytom, Poland