[W15] Improvisation

Exploring Dance and Movement Workshop, i-Dance(HK) 2015, Redefine Your Being, 新體舞蹈工作坊

Code | W15
Name | Improvisation
Tutor | Xuan.Nian
Date | 2015.11.19 (Thur)
Time | 1900-1200
Language | Putonghua
Qualification | Nil
Min. age requirement | Nil

The relaxation of body can be led through internal and external re-discovery of body, with reduction in unintentional tense. Along with the breathing system, body muscles can be exercised fully in a natural state, which can prevent the over-control in muscle. The energy in body can therefore be executed, let the focus lead the movement, to release from the bound in body and movement, to the infinite possibilities in body!