i-Dance(HK)2015 review

i-Dance(HK)2015 is successfully completed on 22 Nov 2015 in Kam Tin. Thank you all the participating artists, crew member, volunteers, and audeince who made this happen! Let us retrieve back to the wonderful November with sweat and joy!

Dancing All Around: Discovering Wan Chai Stories (7 & 8 Nov 2015)
To start in the public area in Three Pacific Place, audience went all way in the Wan Chai district to watch site-specific performances in the guidance of docent Victor and Pak-Chai. Performances include Wearing – Being covered (public area outside Three Pacific Place; choreography by Ming Pak), Recycle-green (Dominion Garden; choreography by Gabbie Chan), Natural Person (St. Francis Street; choreography by Wei Mao), After “Discovering Wan Chai” (Tai Wong St. East Sitting-out Area; conceive & directed by Victor Choi-wo Ma), The Spectator Dance (Stand of Soccer Court of the Southorn Playground; choreography by Wing Fai Tsang & Tak Yin Yu), The Great Wall of Memories (Shop A3 in 1 Sharp St. West; choreography by greenmay), and Dream Eater (Makee of Fo Tak Building; choreography by Blue Ka Wing). Apart from the history- and story-telling, audience had stretching exercises in a public park with Mandy, to feel the relations between the space, environment, and oneself. Lastly in the “Meet-the-artists” sessions, audience expressed own views on art & society, and discussed with participating artists. Joanna Lee and Dora Lai were invited to record the text archive and update online broadcast report for the programme respectively. For any interested party about the programme and research record, please keep on tract with Y-Space’s updates in the soon future.

Dancing All Around: Kam Tin As… (15 & 22 Nov 2015)
Along with the guidance of Victor and Mr. Tang Ying Wah, audience could construct an imaginary world from the Kam Tin histories. The docent was kicked off from Kam Sheung Road MTR station. Performers and audience had the chance to explore different environments in the area… the swamped Red Brick House, secluded subway, renovated historical buildings, abandoned wasteland, narrow alleys and splendid bamboo theatre. Not only could the audience watch performances, but also travel in space and time in their mind! Performances included Fate (Red Brick House; choreography by Alice Ma), Awaiting (Kam Tin Glocal Cultural Hub; choreography by Iris Sun), Imprint (Residence of Tang Pak Kau; choreography by Fiona Zhou), Open Door (Cheng Ancestral Hall, New Age Students of White Stone Lane in Yi Tai Study Hall, POIEMA in Cheung Chun Yuen, and Memorata in Aeternum in Bin Mo Bridge).

In the “Meet-the-artists” session (15 Nov), artists shared their feelings towards histories in Kam Tin and the experiences in working their pieces. The active responses from audience were astonishing.

i-Dance Workshop: Exploring Dance and Movements Workshops (9 – 20 Nov 2015)
Dance Education has been achieved under the great local and international dance artists in the total of 20 sessions of workshops. Participants from different backgrounds participated passionately. There are also participating artists of i-Dance(HK)2015 joining the sessions, and exchange the joyfulness in dancing! Workshop tutors included: Alexandra Battaglia, Marloes van Houten, Justyne Li, Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, Victor Choi-wo Ma, Gilles Polet, Xuan Shi, The Junction, Dick Wong, Daniel Yeung, Mandy Ming-yin Yim, Niannian Zhou.

Dance & Multi-media improvisation research week (16, 17, 19 Nov 2015)
This research week programme provides the platform for artists of different fields to participate. Artists took turns in leading internal workshops, as to explore the interrelations of body and space. A 30-minute length showing will be performed each day. Apart from artists, Y-Space was very honoured to have Ellen Gerdes, a researcher currently studying her PhD in Performing Studies in the UCLA, to join. Ellen devotes in research studies, also enjoys singing and dancing performance. To her, the involvement in this programme was unexpected yet fulfilling. Other participating artists included Alexandra Battaglia, Chirstine He, Lawmanray, Edmund Leung, Mimi Lo, Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, Victor Ma, Yuen jie Maru, Gilles Polet, Joana Silva, Wilfred Wong, Mandy Yim and Paul Yip. Please click here for more details.

i-Dance Round Table Discussion (14 Nov 2015)
Over 20 local dance artists were invited to gather along, shared and discussed upon the title of “The Survival of the small & medium dance groups, and independent artists. Legislative Councilor, Mr. Ma Fung-kwok, also paid his visit to participate in the discussions.

Dance Video Marathon (14 Nov 2015)
i-Dance Round Table Discussion is followed by Dance Video Marathon. Videos have been screened successively during the night. Gilles Polet, a participating artists in the festival even share the video in which he participated in.

PK Dance (16 Nov 2015)
We can barely see or understand the dance artists personal development in their career. PK Dance was one of the very few chances to let the artists introduce their life of and passion in dance. Participating artists included Gabbie Chan, Cyrus Hui, Marloes van Houten, David Leung, Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, Wei Mao, and Tract Choi-si Wong.

Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre Performance Series (18,20,21 Nov 2015)
The three-night of unique shows were all completed. In From Wan Chai to Kam Tin (18 Nov), the journey started in the theatre, leaving the audience the imagination of virtual environment in their mind! Improvisation Land 60 (20 Nov), which is the theatre performance under the Dance & Multi-media improvisation research week, challenges the artists in creativity, and the participation in the audience. It was even more thrilling to see the bustling theatre in the third night for New Dance Platform 2015 (21 Nov). Audience was keen on giving feedbacks about the shows.

Closing Activity: Dance Under the Sky 2015 (22 Nov 2015)
In the closing activity of the festival, participants re-open their body, senses and nature in the workshop led by Yuen jie Maru and Mimi Lo. Following by the Improvisation Land 61, in which all participating artists of the festival were involved in AuLaw Organic Farm. Dancer, artist, even audience were enjoying in the essence of movements and music under the utterly beautiful sunset! The organic vegetarian meal in o-veg marked a wonderful end for this year’s i-Dance in Hong Kong. Let us step into 2016, and look forward to reunion (30 Oct – 4 Dec 2016)!