Y-Space Artists-in-resident scheme: An interview with Daniel Navarro Lorenzo

Daniel Navarro Lorenzo from Barcelona has worked with Y-Space as a resident artist for a month from October to November. How did he enjoy the times? Read below and know more about his experience.

What did you do in during the artist-in-resident scheme?

  • I have been part of the whole i-Dance(H.K.)2015, in which includes leading my own workshops, based in Limón and physical floor work as technique class. I also participated in the Dancing All Around series, the Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre Performance Series, and the closing activity Dance Under the Sky. Apart from performance, I also join PK Dance and had exchange with other local/ international artists.


You participated in the Dancing All Around series in both Wan Chai and Kam Tin. How was the experience?

  • I met a lot of local dancers and choreographers in the experience of Dancing All Around series. It was really nice to work with them in different sites, definitely a great way to know more about Hong Kong and the histories behind places. I had my own solo Open Door, in an amazing ancestral hall in Kam Tin, where makes people feel the full of peace, and pay respect to the time of creation. It is even more interesting when the site-specific performance was transformed into a theatre piece, From Wan Chai to Kam Tin. It is totally another concept with more performativity and interaction with audience.


Which part did you find it most interesting in i-Dance(HK)2015?

  • One of the most interesting parts for me was the Dance & Multi-media Improvisation Research Week, where few local and international dancers share our own workshop for 6 hours per day. The theme of the research week was “Body” and “Space”. We discussed different ways to research our bodies. And in the end we made all the processes and performed Improvisation land 60, a 1-hour length show with live musicians and multi-media art… it was totally interesting and fun.


How did you feel from this experience of Artist in residence in Y-Space?

  • This period makes me grow up as a person and dancer. It is such a nice experience for me as I have the chance to meet and discover amazing artists, i am really proud to be part of i-Dance. Victor and Mandy gave me so much and I appreciate so much on what they do. I can’t be happier as they become my family during the festival! Now my ‘drifter’[1] life become richer and broader than ever after my stay in Hong Kong. The cultural mix and hard work for 1 month make i-Dance a huge human civilisation for the arts to the society and artists in Hong Kong.

[1] Drifter is also the title of Dan’s solo work in New Dance Platform 2015 in i-Dance(HK)2015. The piece brings the experiences of Dan travelling across cultures, countries and companies that he had worked in.