12. Lik Wing Tong Study Hall

DAA 2015 KT, i-Dance(HK) 2015

At the northwest corner of the Shui Tau Tsuen, at the rear of Tang Kwong U Ancestral Hall is a small schooling institution, known as LIk Wing Tong [Hall of Status and Wealth], located amidst village houses. The building was the place providing schooling for the youth of the branch lineage until the 1960s-70s, and where the lineage members have decisions on major affairs, such as accounting of lineage’s properties, and maintenance of communal buildings.

Also known as Tai Shu Fong 大書房 [grand study room], Lik Wing Tong was build by the descendant of Tang Lei Yuen 鄧履元, the 21st generation patriarch of the Tang clan in Kam Tin. A timber plaque depicting four Chinese characters “齒德兼優”, literately the excellent manner in speech and conduct.

The frieze of the entrance wall at the two side bay is decorated with plastered relief of plum tree, bamboo, orchid and chrysanthemum, denoting sijunzi 四君子 [Four gentlemen] for the pursuit of the uprightness, moral integrity and elegance of a gentleman.

Source: Heritage in Kam Tin iPhone App