18. Tree House

DAA 2015 KT, i-Dance(HK) 2015

Located in the western Shui Mei Tsuen, tree house is a brick house which was wrpped by heavy aerial roots and trunks of an old banyan tree. To the west of the tree house is a fish pond. The construction year of the house could not be ascertained. It is said that the building might be a study hall of a clan member of the Tangs in Kam Tin. When the imperial edict on coastal evacuation was imposed in the first year of Kangxi 康熙 era of Qing Dynasty (1662), the owner left Kam Tin and never returned. The building therefore fell into ruins. Another legend has it that the building was a temple worshipping Tin Hau 天后 [Goddness of the Sea]. The temple was subsequently collapsed. Later, the banyan tree next to the building grew bigger and enveloped it completely.

Source: Heritage in Kam Tin iPhone App