17. Cheung Chun Yuen

DAA 2015 KT, i-Dance(HK) 2015

Cheung Chun Yuen was built by Tang Ming Hok 鄧鳴鶴, the 28th generation patriarch of the fourth grand branch lineage, perhaps in the mid-Qing Dynasty.

Cheung Chun Yuen is a study hall in Shui Tau Tsuen specially for martial arts training of local youth. It is actually a complex formed by buildings of different usages, including a two-hall structure for ancestral worship, a small block once for opium smoking, a guest house with living area, as well as a garden and an open ground for martial training.

At the north of the complex is a two-hall structure with one jian [bay] in width that served as family ancestral hall for the branch lineage of founder, Tang Ming Hok 鄧鳴鶴. It was where rituals were performed to knowledge the birth of new male lineage member and where marriages took place. The front of the main hall is recessed, providing a vestibule to the ritual space beyond.

The ancestral hall was designated ad Deemed Monument from 1994 to 2009 and restored in 1995.

Source: Heritage in Kam Tin iPhone App

The Choreography



I write/
with my being/
a signature into this world/
a poiema, a living poem/
I become/

We write/
with our beings/
and leave a legacy/
of belonging, isolation, connection, dissonance/

Hidden stories/
through the village walls/
cold, stagnant, innocent, fenced/
we furnish ourselves with modernity/
and forget the prominent/
that continues to take shape/

A city poiema written/
but not birthed/
finds its way/
Life nor death withhold/
A passionate tango/
To unfold
Saxofoon tunes/
rigorously messing up/
down tones/
of a desolate dull ruin/

Trees’ greens wriggle/
up to Light & Life/

The People

Choreographer and Performer: Marloes VAN HOUTEN (The Netherlands)
Performer: Ara CHO (South Korea), David Leung (HK), Eva LIN (HK), Mimi LO (HK)、Callum MACKENZIE (Canada / HK), Gary SWART (South Africa / HK), Paul YIP (HK)