16. Makee

DAA 2015 WC

“Makee”,  means Tapir in Chinese. A tapir is a mammal, is a non-pig but looks like a pig, is a non-elephant but it sure looks like an elephant. This space along the tram, is a studio run by CHAN 陳傑 and LAU 劉閃, which engages hand-made crafts, publishing and other creations. From time to time, in different occasions, Makee welcomes everyone to come to utilise the space: it could be a grocery store, a coffee corner, a classroom, also an exhibition hall. Makee is also a stage, to perform and show the hidden side of you.

Makee webiste: https: //hellomakee.wordpress.com/

The Choreography

5:20pm & 5:40pm

Dream Eater

The People

Choreographer and Performer: BLUE Ka Wing (HK)