15. Shop A3, 1 Sharp Street West

DAA 2015 WC

Shop A3, #1 Sharp Street West is a random rental story by Yeung Yang, a local artist. All sort of exploratory processes of different form of arts could happen here. Shop A3 does not have a name. It has an address, which will carry and situate a name when something around and of art arises, planned or unplanned.

More about Shop A3: http://www.awalkwitha3.com/

The Choreography

5:20pm & 5:40pm

The Great Wall of Memories

The Great Wall of Memories is about the sense of Time and Qi (Flow) in corporality, trapped in form and situatedness; our Lieb, our movements should be redefined. This performance takes its inspiration from Mauice Merleau- Ponty and body politics, suggesting that our way to drive out from the sense of timing, ist o discover our psychological fog, through understanding our corporality.

The form itself on the stage is already political, thus ART; The memories within the public sphere are also political. Shout,’ Counterbalance/ Resisting’.

The People

Choreographer and Performer: greenmay (HK)