Dance Flea Market I

ADance Flea Market series, AEducation & Promotion, AOutdoor/Site-specific, APerformance, Outdoor Performance, 作品

Dance Flea Market is a series of promotional activities in Kam Tin and Pat Heung in the hope that through the arts of dance to different sectors and to bring arts into the community.

Promotional activities included:

1) Dance New Vision Exhibition
2) Dance & Drum Parade
3) Main Stage Performance
4) Demonstration
5) Free Dance Workshop
6) Environmental Dance & Happening


Production Team

Artistic Director: Victor Choi-wo Ma
Producer & Chorographer: Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Sound Designer: Him Law
Dancer: Ivy Tsui, Rainbow Lam, Christine He, Man Liu, KT Yau & Kenneth Sze
Artist of Happening: Nelson Hiu, Eric Wong, Edmund Leung, Wong Yan Kwai, Wilson Tsang & Les Fong

Date (Y/M/D) & Venue of Performance

Outside the Kam Sheung Road Station, Hong Kong