None of Your Business

AOthersT, APerformance, ASignature, ATheatre, Theatre Performance, 作品, 劇場製作

None of Your Business was Y-Space’s inaugural production in 1995, and was revived in 2005 and 2013. It was a dance theatre production that also featured installation and video art. It explored the sense of unease in Hong Kong city life, specifically the mood of loneliness and feeling lost as 1997 approached.

“While communication technologies bloom, it has become harder to understand one another. The space for privacy shrinks, while distances between people grow. Sexuality becomes pervasive, but is it rooted in affection? Flesh, money, pleasure? Prejudices and violence reveal the dark side of modern life. People in a modern city … a pretence of harmony without warmth, of strength even as they are escaping, of mirth which returns to a sad, sad loneliness. An apocalypse is near. As 1997 approaches, what space is left for their loves, relationships, inner lives, and years of drifting sentiments… where will they arrive at?”


Production Team (1995 & 2005)

Director, Video, Set & Costume Designer: Hema
Choreographer & Conceiver: Victor Choi-wo Ma & Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Performers: Mandy Ming-yin Yim, Francis Leung, Yvette Wong (1995) & Han Mei (2005)
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Fung
Producer: Hema & Cheng Kin Wah (1995)


Production Team (2013)

Director, Choreographer & Conceiver:  Victor Choi-wo Ma
Producer & Choreographer: Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Costume & Set Designer: Hema
Lighting Designer: Psyche Chui, Lawmanray
Video Designer: Adrian Yeung
Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager: Kathryn Lai
Dancer: Ivy Yik-chit  Tsui, Rainbow Ka-wing Lam, Benny Fung

Date (Y/M/D) & Venue of Performance

Fringe Studio, Fringe Club, Hong Kong

Fringe Studio,Fringe Club, Hong Kong

Cultural Activities Hall, Shatin Town Hall, Hong Kong