On & On & Turn Turn Turn

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Y-Space: 20 years of perpetual motion
Life is a marathon – you can only continue forward and learn to smile in between breaths…

On & On & Turn Turn Turn

On & On & Turn Turn Turn is a dance theatre created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Y-Space.  It offers a retrospective of Y-Space classics throughout its history, in one go, including its 1995 inaugural production None of Your Business, the 1996 Not a Double room, the 1997 Unconscious, the 1999 – 2000 Dance “In” Possible I, II, III, the 2000 – 2008 Air and Breath I & II, the 2010 Re/evolution, the 2005 – 2011 Body, ID &Space I – IV, Improvisation Land and the brand new 2015 production On & On & Turn Turn Turn.  This production showcases Y-Space’s creative journey of twenty years through revising or creating new choreography for excerpts from these works, and incorporates video projections and installations.


Production Team

Choreographer, Director & Dancer: Victor Choi-wo MA
Choreographer, Producer & Dancer: Mandy Ming-yin YIM
Composer & Musician: Edmund LEUNG@The Interzone Collective (2015), Les FONG (2015), Hakgwai (2015), Sascia Pellegrini (2017)
Lighting Designer: FUNG Kwok-kee Gabriel (2015), Pek Limin (2017)
Set and Props Designer: TSANG Man-tung (2015)
Costume Designer: Carmen CHENG (2015)
Video Designer: Adrian YEUNG (2015)
Videographer & Publicity Videos: Motus Pictures (2017)
Sound Designer: Him LAW (2015)
Production & Stage Manager: HO Mei-lin (2015), Lee Xin Zhi (2017)
Deputy Stage Manager: Candy LAU (2015)
Stage Manager Assistant: Koh Xi Yang Abel (2017)
Devising Dancers: Hugh CHO (2015), Christine HE (2015), Flora HON (2015), LAM Po (2015), LEI Yan (2015), LIAN Guo-dong (2015), Henry SHUM (2015), KT YAU (2015), Adele Goh (2017), Adelene Stanley (2017), Daniel Navarro Lorenzo (2017), Faye Tan (2017), Keigo Nozaki (2017), Joy Wang (2017), Sammatha Yue (2017)

Date (Y/M/D) & Venue of Performance

Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

SOTA Studio Theatre, Singapore