X Project – Four Corners

AExchange, AOthersT, APerformance, ATheatre, Theatre Performance, 作品, 劇場製作

At the invitation from Interface 2004 Arts Festival, Y-Space created a new work, Four Corners, using collaboration and devising as method. The “four” in the title refers to the four collaborating artists and performers: Victor Ma, Mandy Yim and two dancers from India, Priyadarshini Ghosh Shome and Raka Maitra.

The work explored the condition of modern city life, coping with confrontations, and finding ways to communicate and co-exist. Classical, traditional and avant garde forms rubbed shoulders; text and dance, visuals and movement mixed with music in this cross-disciplinary work.


Production Team

Choreographers, Conceivers & Performers: Victor Choi-wo Ma & Mandy Ming-yin Yim, Priyadarshini Ghosh Shome & Raka Maitra
Musician: Nelson Hiu
Lighting Designers & Video: Martin Li Tin Cheung & Victor Choi-wo Ma
Video: David Wong

Date (Y/M/D) & Venue of Performance

X Project – Four Corners
Interface 2004 Arts Festival
Co-produced by Y-Space and Srishti Dance Works
Kalamandir, Kolkata, India