i-Dance(HK) 2015

The 1st i-Dance Festival in 2004 was a self-initiated event by a group of independent artists, supported by their passion for and devotion to dance. The objective was to build solidarity in dance and call for attention to contemporary dance. Y-Space took over the presentation of i-Dance Festival in 2009. What encourage us the most is that throughout the years, we keep finding so much persistence in dance and creativity among the “i-ers”! The special theme of this year is “BODY” and “SPACE”, i-Dance Festival invites you all to explore and reflect the relationships between space, environment and humans!

Friends in Asia support us and subsequently started i-Dance Festivals in Taiwan (2011), South Korea (2012) and Japan (2013). Even though there are slight differences, but “I” has remained our departure point, being:
i- independent
i- improvisation
i- innovation
i- international
i- interact
i- interlink