20-21. Bin Mo Bridge

DAA 2015 KT, i-Dance(HK) 2015

Pak Wai, (now known as Shui tau Tsuen and Shui Mei Tsuen) and Nam Wai (Kam Tin Market) were divided by Kam Tin River, where Bin Mo Bridge used to be one of the main routes connecting the north and south regions and is the oldest bridge at Pak Wai. The bridge is located to the east of Shui Tau Tsuen, while Choi Wong Yi Kung Study Hall is at its south.

Bin Mo Bridge was built by Tang Chun Yuen 鄧俊元, the 25th generation patriarch of the Tangs in Kam Tin in the 49th year of the Kangxi 康熙 era in the Qing Dynasty (1710). Tang Chun Yuen 鄧俊元’s father, named Chung Kwong 重光 passed away when Chun Yuen 俊元was very young. Chun Yuen 俊元lived with his mother, surnamed Wong and his brother, Tang Yin Yuen 鄧彥元 in Tai Hong Wai 泰康圍. Chun Yuen 俊元 moved to Shui Tai Tsuen which is located at the opposite side of Kam Tin River after he got married in the 43th year of the Kangxi 康熙 era in the Qing Dynasty (1704). Every time when his mother visited her grandsons, Tang Chun Yuen鄧俊元had to carry here on his back to cross the river. Several years later, Tang Chun Yuen鄧俊元 built a bridge between the two villages to facilitate his mother crossing the river. The bridge was completed in the 49th year of the Kangxi 康熙 era in the Qing Dynasty (1710) and name Bin Mo Bridge, literally meaning a bridge for the convenience of mother. Two stone steles were erected next to the bridge. The older one was erected at the completion year (1710), while another one commemorated the renovations in 1959, in recent years, the bridge underwent repairs by the Hong Kong Government. A pavilion was built adjacent to the bridge as a resting place for tourists. The stone stele carved in 1959 was also reengraved.

Source: Heritage in Kam Tin iPhone App

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Memorata in Aeternum

If you have lost someone who was very important to you, then there will always be small things that remind you of that person and that will connect you forever.

15/11 4:00pm

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Choreographer and Performer: Christine HE (Germany / HK)
Performer: Gabbie CHAN (HK), Daniel Navarro LORENZO (Spain), Wei MAO (HK), Katie YAU (HK), Yinliang HE(Germany / HK)