2. Dominion Garden

DAA 2015 WC

Beginning in 1988, the Swire Properties began acquiring properties around historic Star Street in Wan Chai with the aim of transforming the area into a vibrant neighbourhood to complement our development at Pacific Place. As in 2004 the Three Pacific Place is completed, in 2009, the company embarked on the Old Wan Chai Revitalisation Initiatives, a public-private partnership that grew out of a response to a government proposal, to integrate a masterplan addressing both the area’s rich heritage and the needs of the people who live and work there today. The project aimed to introduce a more modern and accessible environment that meets the needs of the Wan Chai community and facilitates greater awareness of the district’s cultural legacy.

The project of Dominion Garden was completed in November 2012, its copper panels detailing the history of the Wan Chai district, delicating the important role of Wan Chai district in the development process of Hong Kong.

Source: Sustainable Development Report by Swire Properties

The Choreography



In the form of games, we reflect on the ecological impact of urban construction, does reconstruction equal to conservation?

The People

Choreographer and Performer: Gabbie CHAN (HK)
Performers: Skinny NG (HK), Fiona CHOU (HK)