7. Coastline Park

DAA 2015 WC

Coastline Park, a.k.a Tai Wong Street East Sitting-out Area, is jointly designed by government departments, professionals and residents in Wan Chai in 2006. The construction includes planting flowerbeds and trees, resurfacing the ground and setting up chairs, as well as building a screen for film and slide projections.

Same as the over two hundred other “pocket parks” in Hong Kong, the Tai Wong Street East Sitting-out Area is caught in the middle of building with very limited space. What makes it unique, however, is how it marked on the ground at every level of the Wan Chai’s reclamation with timeline and street history.

The Choreography


After “Discovering Wan Chai”

The People

Conceive and Director: Victor MA (HK)
Creative and Performers: Edmund LEUNG (HK/Canada), Daniel Navarro LORENZO (Spain), Paul YIP (HK), Participants of Discovering Wan Chai Arts Workshop