Dancing All Around: Dancing UP Dancing DOWN Dance Around Yuen Long Theatre II

A Dancing All Around series, AOutdoor/Site-specific, APerformance, Site-Specific Performance, 作品

Through Dancing All Around series, Y-Space explores alternative spaces for performance: in and outdoors, theatre foyer, Revolving stage, Orchestra Pit, backstage, staircases,Car park, street corners… Most performances are created site-specifically, and Y-Space oversees the organizational needs to realize the visions imagined by the choreographers.

Dancing UP Dancing DOWN Dance Around Yuen Long Theatre II is a site-specific dance creation, part of the “Dancing All Around” series by Y-Space. The performance leads the audience through an adventure, a close encounter exploration of the architectural characteristics of Yuen Long Theatre. The journey twists and turns, as participants are guided UP and DOWN and around different parts of the theatre building, while the performers give their all to bring interesting surprises at every turn! No well-behaved sitting nicely in the seats here; everyone finds their own angle to view the performance, a full 360-degrees experience. How you watch the performance is up to you – if the mood takes you, why not make contact, even interact? The audience can become part of the performance! What are you waiting for? Come join this free performance – there is dance all around Yuen Long Theatre!

Site-specific dance uses a more natural physical expression, to reveal the human’s awareness of the environment, architecture and installations all around. It explores the interactions between humans and different natural and urban spaces, and the complex and subtle relationship between human and site. It uncovers new meanings of the environment, and provides a fresh perspective for thinking about the elements that constitute our lives. Hence site-specific dance is increasingly attracting attention as an important contemporary dance form.


Production Team

Artistic Director, Choreographer & Curator: Victor Choi-wo Ma
Producer, Choreographer & Performer: Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Choreographers & Performers: Cyrus Hui, Elaine Kwok, Rainbow Lam, Krispy Suremon, Chloe Wong & Cally Yip
Live Music and Composers: Ocean Chan, Edmund Leung & Sascia Pellegrini
Video Designer: Adrian Yeung
Lighting Designer: P.C.Sei

Date (Y/M/D) & Venue of Performance

Yuen Long Theatre (Foyer, Corridor, Stage, Backstage & more…), Hong Kong