New Dance

AOthersT, APerformance, ATheatre, Theatre Performance, 作品, 劇場製作

New Dance is one of the programmes of i-Dance (HK) 2011. There are four groups of Choreography:


Inspired by the horror movie genre, its sound and visual effects, camera angles, and the changes and tensions in space and rhythm that induce a psychological reaction in the audience. In this piece, the body “collides” with theatrical elements like sound, lighting, and space, to manifest a horror-like conversation between the body and psychology.

Choreography & Performance: Daniel Wu Jie Gong

Returning Spirit

In superstition, the spirit of a dead person drifts for seven days before returning home. He realizes his passing when he sees his crying relatives. This process generally includes an acceptance of the fact of death, a release from the burdens of life, and a transcendence into a higher realm. Dance, through a theatrical form, can explore the meaning of the spirit and the body.

Choreography & Performance: Jay Peng Zhang

Stand By

The days, the weeks, the years.
Standing up, eating, sleeping.
Everything is repeating and still not the same.
You add, you change, but you always come back to start again. We’ll never finish, but we’ve already started.

“Stand By”is a piece about loops and infinity. About non existing stillness which is just the ending of an action and the beginning of a new one.

We change ideas like clothes.
We construct and deconstruct.
But afterall we are just revolving in smaller and bigger circles ad infinitum.

Choreography & Performance: Christine He
Performence: Mayson Tong
Live music: Sascia Pellegrini

If She Said to Him …

In any relationship between two people, it is always the one who loves more deeply that must follow the lead.But if I am to weigh it all up, to see if it’s worth it or not … that would no longer be love. Sometimes, even if none of it is worth it, it’s not within one’s control to love someone.This piece is Inspired by the work of renowned novelist Yi Shu, expressing through choreography women’s perspective on love.

Choreography & Performance: Judy Yiu

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