The Manipulation of D.N.A. — Metamorphosis under the skin

馬才和及嚴明然穿著破爛的服裝,身上塗上了濕麵 粉,當麵粉乾固後,他們移動身體時,麵粉徐徐剝落, 並在地上留下移動的痕跡。攝影 張志偉 馬才和及嚴明然穿著破爛的服裝,身上塗上了濕麵 粉,當麵粉乾固後,他們移動身體時,麵粉徐徐剝落, 並在地上留下移動的痕跡。攝影 張志偉
AOthersO, AOutdoor/Site-specific, APerformance, Site-Specific Performance, 作品
About This Project

Victor Ma and Mandy Yim received the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council to conduct research on dance and theatre in New York, USA. The Manipulation of D.N.A. – Metamorphosis under the skin arose from meeting and collaborating with Chinese-Japanese artist Wang Xin Ping. It was performed at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre in New York, using installation, sound, site and movement to reflect on human development under advanced technology, and the anxiety that stems from replication processes and the unpredictability of future developments.


Production Team

Choreographers, Performers & Conceivers: Victor Choi-wo Ma & Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Installation Artist & Conceiver: Wang Xin PingJapan

Date (Y/M/D), & Venue of Performance

P.S.1. Contemporary Art Centre, New York, USA