Unconscious II – In Search of the Forgotten Senses (Theatre Performance)

《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》於藝術中心壽臣劇院之演出,由於製作龐大,加上入座率只得30%, 最終演出虧蝕了數萬元。 《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》於藝術中心壽臣劇院之演出,由於製作龐大,加上入座率只得30%, 最終演出虧蝕了數萬元。 《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》於藝術中心壽臣劇院之演出,由於製作龐大,加上入座率只得30%, 最終演出虧蝕了數萬元。 《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》1997年於藝術中心壽臣劇院之演出。 《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》1997年於藝術中心壽臣劇院之演出。 《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》1997年於藝術中心壽臣劇院之演出。 《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》1997年於藝術中心壽臣劇院之演出。 《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》2012年於元朗劇院演藝廳演出。 《昏迷II ─ 尋找失去的感覺》2012年於元朗劇院演藝廳演出。
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About This Project

Evolving from the primal life of the soil in Unconscious I to the city, humans stepped into the material world of fame, money, power and conflict. But they all returned to the soil. In that one last moment, it was as if they had gained nothing in this life. Have we ever “lived”? We need to remind ourselves of the treasures that we have forgotten – the treasure of living in the moment meaningfully.


Production Team (1997)

Director: Hema
Choreographer: Victor Choi-wo Ma & Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Performer: Mandy Ming-yin Yim, Frances Leung, Antoinette Mak, Yvette Huang, Hyman Yeung, Ritchie Law, Fiona Tang, Amanda Chan, Davy Leung, Bonnie Fung & Jodi Chan
Setting & Costume Designer: Andy Tam, Luke Ma & Yuen Nim Chi
Lighting Designer: Kim Lee
Producer: Tam Sik Mei


Production Team (2012)

Conceiver, Director & Choreographer: Victor Choi-wo Ma
Producer and Assistant Choreographer: Mandy Ming-yin Yim
Set Designer: Luke Ma
Costume Designer: Cheng Man Wing
Lighting Designer: Maggie Law
Video Designer: Adrian Yeung
Sound Designer: Him Lo
Stage Manager: Ernie Wai
Guest Performer: Ocean Chan, Louis Huang & Jay Peng
Dancer: Jo Leung, Sarah Lo, Timothy Ng, Krispy Suremon, Mayson Tong & Christine He

Date (Y/M/D) & Venue of Performance

Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre and outside the venue, Hong Kong

Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre, Hong Kong