i-Dance(HK)2015 is coming up!

i-Dance(HK)2015 is coming up!

Y-Space is happy to announce the upcoming festival will be held on 7th – 22 th November. The production team is already hustling for preparation work, trying to bring the best programmes for you all. Number of programmes including Dancing All Around series, the site-specific dance, in Wan Chai & Kam Tin, three nights shows in Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre, Research Week and a lot more open workshops. Keep on track for more information!

In the Dancing All Around series, young local and overseas dancers will create pieces in two separate districts: Wan Chai and Kam Tin. All is welcome to join the programmes with stories from local guide tours on 7th & 8th Nov (Wan Chai) and 15th & 22 th Nov (Kam Tin). You can also join the free walking tour to enjoy the site-specific works!

Apart from the series, we are also proudly presenting three different programmes in Black Box Theatre of Kwai Tsing Theatre. Tickets in box office will be available on 21 Sept. Yet, a discount of 15% off is now offered under the early bird package, which is already open for sale until 21 Sept!

Programme 1: “From Wan Chai to Kam Tin”

This is the very first time for Y-Space to upgrade Dancing All Around, the site-specific dance, to a theatre performance. “Dance exhibition”   further expands imagination of the performers and audience. It is based on “Discovering Wai Chai stories” and “The Original Kam Tin”; as environment is removed from site-specific dance, there are only memory and records to be left in the dance. Like Wan Chai where the habour once stood and Kam Tin abounded with crops, both became history and memory which can only be reconstructed in our minds.

Programme 2: “Improvisation Land 60”

A refined performance that cannot be predicted and rehearsed, and only after a 4-day intensive research, “Improvisation Land 60” gathers local and overseas excellent dancers, musicians, lighting designer, sound designer, video creators and editors to go beyond the usual practice of choreographed performance which will be full of surprises. We are waiting for you to join and witness how creativity sparkles at the very moment of your presence!

Programme 3: “New Dance Platform 2015”

A stage performance featuring choreographed dance by artists from different regions, who speak new dance language to express their feelings of the time.

“New Dance Platform 2015” (21/11) provides a platform for several artists to perform their aesthetics in dance and movement. Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, along with the <X.N> will participate with their performances. Daniel Navarro Lorenzo will be joining Y-Space’s Artist-in-Residence scheme. <X.N> was formed by Xuan Shi & Niannian Zhou in 2014, who had worked as ensemble for Sasha Waltz & Guests for ten and six years respectively. Moreover, Alexandra Battaglia from Portugal will join this night’s performance as well!

Other than the Dancing All Around series and Black Box programme, a lists of programmes including Puchakucha Dance, Artist-face-to-face, Dance Video Marathon, i-Dance Round Table Discussion, open workshops, “Improvisation Land 61”, and closing ceremony “Dance Under the Sky” and a lot more is going to be organized.

Please stay tone with us for more!

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